How to Become a Plumber

How-to-Become-a-PlumberAre you a hands on kind of person who enjoys the more practical side of life? If so, a career in plumbing may be the answer. There are many different roles that a plumber may be required to do ranging from domestic hot water installs and servicing all the way through to commercial roof weatherproofing. Depending on if you see yourself as your own boss or if you would prefer working for another plumbing company, you may specialise in different areas that suit you best.

How to become a plumber the most effective route to take

We are often asked how to become a plumber, so in this section we are going to try and answer that as best we can. We have already mentioned the plumbing apprenticeship method as a good starting block for how to become a plumber but there are other options available if being an plumbing apprentice doesn’t suit your circumstances. Possibly the quickest way to become a qualified plumber is to take a course at a college or even a home based course for which there are many suppliers.

The qualifications you should look to obtain are:

  • Level 2/3 Diploma Plumbing and Heating
  • Level 2/3 Diploma Installing and Maintaining Domestic Heating Systems.

These courses do require some on practical exercises to be completed and often they are not included as part of the course. We therefore recommend asking a local plumber to take you under their wing so that you are able to complete these aspects of the plumbing course on site under supervision from an experienced plumber and find out how to become a plumber whilst gaining useful experience. The negative side of doing these courses without being part of a plumbing apprenticeship scheme is that once you are qualified, the plumber who helped you train has less invested in you and is therefore less likely to offer you a job. With a plumbing apprenticeship they would have spend months working with you and would have given you great insight into their way of doing things. This is another reason why we believe that a plumbing apprenticeship is the best method on how to become a plumber. Find a plumber looking for an apprentice near you.