Get a Plumbing Apprenticeship

A plumbing apprenticeship is a great way to learn a trade. It offers you the chance to work alongside an experienced plumber, earn a wage and get trained.

The alternatives to a plumbing apprenticeship

Plumbing apprenticeship trainee at workThere are many ways to learn the plumbing trade, however few have more benefits than a plumbing apprenticeship. The other options include home learning courses where you pay a fee for the course materials and teach yourself often with the assistance of a remote tutor. There is no hands on experience to this type of programme and you will need to arrange this aspect of the training with a local plumber. The course fees are also quite expensive if you are not employed and earning a wage to cover the cost. You can also attend a college course, these are generally longer term ways to learn and again will need to be supplimented by actual on the job training. Often the college will have a relationship with local plumbers and this aspect will be taken care of. The courses normally last two years and can cost thousands of pounds to complete.

With a plumbing apprenticeship you are trained by an experienced plumber who will either suppliment or pay for your training fees while you work on real jobs. This for most people is the easiest way to learn a trade. It also has the best real world benefits as you will be completing actual plumbing jobs for customers as opposed to training exercises in a stage environment. As most if not all of the fees are covered for you when you undertake a plumbing apprenticeship it is the cheapest way to learn the plumbing trade. Because college and self teaching courses do not have such a strong bond with the plumbing companies the chance of getting a full time job is much lower than if you had been a plumbing apprentice as this Guardian article explains.